Product Gallery

Hand Held Car Battery Tester

  • Measures car 12V batteries, truck 24 V batteries
  • Voltage Range: 7.5 - 32Volts DC
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Modern Design, Lightweight and durable
  • Safe and Simple to use
  • Compact for easy storage

Digital data collector unit

  • Stores data in 512K SRAM memory
  • 3 independent digital inputs
  • 7.2V, low power consumption, runs from internal batteries
  • RS232/RS485 insulated digital output
  • Heavy duty Aluminum case

AC adapter

  • Custom design
  • Input AC 110-240V
  • Custom output 6-24V
  • Output power 23W

Digital counter

  • Metal press cycle counter
  • Two independent counters
  • Counter can lock press after reaching custom limit
  • Four digits 0-999
  • High brightness LED display


Company phone system

  • microprocessor controlled distinctive ring

RS 232 <-> RS422 convertor

  • uses industry standard connection
  • increases range for serial connection by using bipolar data signals
  • insulated up to 4KV
  • transfer rate up to 56Kbit
High speed Morse code generator




PIC microcontroller Programmer
  • Published in Amaterske Radio magazine




Car Battery Load Tester
  • Used for testing car battery by exposing it to real load conditions