Custom electronics design and engineering

We are experts in analog, digital and microprocessor technology. We have experience from many fields, including industrial control, telecom equipment, computer peripherals and wireless equipment. Our designs are often made to meet tough mechanical and environmental conditions and requirements.

Key services:

  • Proof of the concept development
  • Reference design 
  • Embedded systems design
  • Prototyping and design verification
  • Engineering services
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB design
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Test and diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Analog and digital signal processing
  • Fixed and floating point DSPs
  • DC-DC power conversion
  • User interfaces, hardware and software
  • RF design
  • RFID designs
  • MEMS driving and control
  • Avionics

Prototyping through manufacture

After the design and development work is done and verified, we manufacture prototypes and deliver complete manufacturing documentation. We offer production setup both domestic and offshore in Czech Republic and China.

Application software and firmware development

Integral part of most projects is software and firmware. In many cases the software is the key element that drives the performance and usability of the final product. We have programming team that will take the challenge!

Computer networks and security consulting

Linux and Windows Computer network infrastructure:

  • Email and messaging system
  • File sharing
  • www services
  • Internet access
  • Global files/data access and sharing
  • Database systems

Security services:

  • Full range of security services
  • Hw/Sw firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Security evaluation
  • Security services subscription
  • Penetration testing


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