Public and open source projects

In the public section of the projects website you can find various fun, hobby and art projects that we were involved in.

Commercial projects:

Picture/Link Name Key technologies
  Laboratory printer Stepper motor control, ESD mitigation
  MEMS wafer tester, Automated Test Equipment high impedance measurement, calibrated computer voltage output control, database data storage
  Home Information System embedded TCP/IP, PoE, AC servo control, environment monitoring and logging
  Secure bike storage controller ultra low power design, RFID, smart cards, GSM, motor control
  Smart card emulator embedded USB, smart cards, MicroSD Card interface, FAT filesystem
  Particle counter, remote sensor embedded TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP implementations
  MEMS tester embedded TCP/IP, laser beam position sensing, DSP processing, high impedance measurement
  Real-time inventory management system embedded TCP/IP, Zig-Bee wireless
  Audio book player speech signal processing, portable device power mgmt.
  MEMS based Variable Optical Equalizer DSP processing, MEMS servo control, MEMS driving
  Software radio: ADI Blackfin DSP based software receiver for Aircraft VHF band  DSP processing, RF design
VOR software receiver and decoder with PIC 
Winner!! of the 3rd place in
2004 Microchip dsPIC design contest!
DSP processing, RF design
  • PIC based DC-DC controller
  • PIC 3 digit digital voltmeter
  • DC-DC 5V-> -5V module
  • DC-DC 5V-> 100V module
  • Temperature controller: Heater and cooler control
  • Ethernet Module
  • Pump Laser Controller
  • Stepper motor Controller
  • Bode Plot Tester for HP signal analyzer
  • Vibration test amplifier
Car Battery Voltmeter
Other projects


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